April 21 2019

Freedom of choice

To be honest with you, I did not wanted to comment on that school shooting. It was tragic event that could not be prevented. You never know who will go “postal”. Smart kid with no criminal history. What make some humans to snap and go berserk?.

I all ready notice that the gun control freaks are raising hell. Guns do not kill people and the tragedy could be minimize, if the adults in that school had a firearms. I do not own a firearm as I do not like them. They are noise and messy, but I do respect the right of others to have the option to defend them self. That what the freedom is all about. Freedom of choice, and the choices are in jeopardy. It is not only about the choice of owning a firearm, it is about the choice of freedom from other obstacle in life. I would like to have a choice of freedom from some stupid laws as the”one wife”, seat belt (yes, I believe that is stupid), travel restrictions ( no borders), smoke and drink whatever I want ( and maybe enjoy it), and many others that are “regulated” by government of given country or religion. The new born child have no choice when his/her genitalia being mutilated nor a child have a choice of being brain wash of some mystical beings. Teaching child of religions is OK, but imposing single religion rules is wrong. The moment we were born, we were deprave of choice that will affect future development. I do not know what motive could one have to murder own mother or father. I can not image of motive for murdering a child. Was it for love or hate?.

Let speculate for a moment on those two motives. LOVE – being brainwash of incoming “end of days”, one could go to extreme and end life of love ones and innocents to deny them the experience of horror of the “end of the world”. HATE – some child’s are being demonize by parents and the hate grow, as they grow, to point of explosion, but why innocent little kids. Most of the crimes are committed for desire. If he desire to come to history as mass murderer, he would not, in most cases, end his own life. Was he influenced by some cult?. If that is the case, then we will see more that kind of violence form those cult members. Then again, he could be so much consume with hate that he did not care of who he will kill. School is the “perfect” place, as the chance of being stopped are slim and a lot of “victims” inside. Mall would be the other choice, but more risk of being shot. That again come back the freedom of choice to be able to defend self and others. That choice was deny by law imposed by anti-gun freaks. What if that principle had a gun?. Life of those innocent little kids could be save. Our freedom of choice is in dangerous way and we never will be free until we have choice of how we live and how we die. I did raise 2 kids ( now old), but I still have the fear of something going wrong with them, Being parent never stop. It does not matter of how old they become. It is dangerous place and dangerous time we live in. Earth it is a vicious planet. Listening to Obama speech in that church, I can not stop thinking of statement he said that a God took those children’s. If I would be one of those unfortunate parent and believer I would said – fuck you God, but since I am not believer (one of those godless mf) – I say – fuck you little prick.

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