April 21 2019

Good Citizen

We are coming to era, where being a “good citizen” – as was in communists ruled country – could get you better job, more privileges and keep you away from a camps. The word “I am” is being replaced with the word “We are”.

Being and feel as individual become dangerous as this country is on path of communism. As a matter of facts, some of a communism doctrines were implemented few years back, but no one complain about. Collective punishment is one of them. You are being judge not as individual but as collective mass. Even your doctor knowledge and way of treatment is based on statistics with disregard that everyone is different (painful, personal experience). Based on statistics, you are being told of what is good for you and what to buy. What ever happen to individual taste and desire?. No more allowed. The strange “thing” is, that in this country, the religious rules and doctrine are in co-operation with communist regime. They are washing each other hands. That would mean, that one of them is pretending to be a communist or religious. Or maybe they both are pretending to be something they are not. Communism – means no religion, but, since religion it is a such of good business and the communists are cashing on it, both side will support each other. Strange, not so much. If you read and believe in bible, Jesus was a communist. Are you a good team player? – you better be as your personal performance do not mean a shit. I wrote a simple guide of how to be a “good citizen”.

Thou shall do not take the Constitution literary – the Bill of Rights is for government to interpreted.

The Oath do not means a shit – is just a bureaucratic necessity to get a job.

Thou shall never question your president eligibility based on place of birth. Way smarter people, that you and me, choose the president and they know where he was born.

Thou shall never question President vacation behavior nor spending related to that vacation.

President “work hard” to ruin this country and do need a vacation.

Thou shall give back to government your guns – the government is here to protect you.

If someone breaks into your house – dial 911in heaven or hell, or whatever you believe in you will end up after death. Do not attempt to defend your self or your family as is forbidden, and you have no gun to do it any way. Kitchen knives are weapon too and should be turn into authority.

Thou shall pay taxes and never question of where your money goes as the government need your money to support a “good citizens” on their payroll ( welfare).

Thou shall provide free service to IRS(1040).

Thou shall no question vaccine injection – too many faces to feed and government need to “thin out” some population. The middle class will goes first.

Thou shall observe, listen and report any suspicious activity by your neighbors, friends and family members. If the fart do not smell “right” – thou shall dial 911.

Thou shall do not – occasionally- smoke a pot. Pot smokers are happy persons and that is not allowed under communist regime. “Hard drugs” are allowed as they make people stupid. Government like stupid people that do not ask any questions and accept the bullshit from government approved media.

Thou shall accept the bullshit, that we are “created equal”, even that the science proved otherwise – individualism is not allowed in communists and religions ruling country.

Thou shall never question the authority – is the authority job to question you ( in many ways).

Thou shall never attempt to deprive of someone life – this is job for government and religious persons.

Thou shall do not fear about your SS or retirement – government make sure that you will not get it.

Thou shall never drink any alcoholic beverages ( or anything that get you “high”) on job – only selected persons – on government payroll- have the right to make an ass of them self.

I am trying to write that guide, but my mind still wondering around. I will attempt to update latter.

Ass always, the comments are welcome. Have a fun.

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