April 21 2019

Deadly brakes

Deadly brakes

Years back, the brakes were made out of asbestos, carbon and
and natural resign as glue. Modern brakes are made out of metallic shavings of copper, brass and steel wool hold together with natural resign as glue.

There are still out there cars and truck with old asbestos-carbon brakes. From one car or truck, the amount of fine particles entering the air, ground water and lungs it is minimal, but when you have millions of cars and thousands of trucks, the amount turn into pounds. Most of the semi-trucks are still using asbestos-carbon brakes. Some truck mechanics are using masks to protect them self from deadly cloud of dust while cleaning the brakes, but I saw many of them that did not use the mask.
Why this information it is not popular among news media?
Why no one talk about danger of walking or jugging on a street?
Why many people develop lug cancer, but never smoke a cigarette?
It has been blame on “second hand” smoking even where many doctors and scientists come to conclusion that “second hand” smoking do not pose any danger to non-smokers.
The number of tobacco smokers decline, but the number of lung cancer increase. The main danger of air pollution do not come from manufactures, combustion engines, but from brakes.
Why no one is talking about?- because we have no technology to
stop vehicle without damaging the atmosphere.
Are you willing to give up your car to have clean air?
Are you willing to go back to horse buggy to transport goods across states?. It will take couple of weeks to deliver orange juice from Florida to Oregon or Maine. By truck takes three days, but the amount of deadly brake dust it is consider and the damage to ecosystem is irreversible.
At some towns, I saw a sign that prohibit use of engine brakes because of noise produced. It my not be comfortable, but in my opinion, I would prefer to have some noise discomfort in return having clean air. When the town officials and residents begin to couching blood, then they my change the law.
My advice to all for now:
Do not drive with open windows,sunroof or convertible with roof down.
Do not walk or run on a street, and special in “rush hour” traffic.
Go to a park outside of town or park with a lot of trees.
Beware of aircraft traffic as they “dump” the fuel.
If you live close to street, keep your windows close.
I do not want to sound a “melodramatic”, but every time you apply the brakes, you are killing your self and another’s.
Look at your wheels, do you see a brown dust?
It is the price we all pay for convenience.

Janusz E. Starkel

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