April 21 2019

Honor and Dignity

What is the definition of a prostitute?.
If some male/female accept sexual advance or have a intimate encounter for money, promise for advancement, improve living comfort or any other promise that will be beneficiary – that person it is a prostitute.

The “Me too” movement is mostly prostitutes. Promise and rape are diferent form of sexual encounter. Rape is forcible sex with victim resistance. Some claim that they were rape after they did not receive expected amount of money or promise. That is not rape. Some claim of sexual harassment, but did nothing to stop – that is not a sexual harassment. If someone ask for a date or sex – politely and with respect – and the other person refuse – it is not sexual harassment. If some ask another for sexual favor for a promise and the other accept – it is not a sexual harassment, but business deal betwine client and prostitute. Sexual harassment occurs when the person refuse advance for a sexual favor and loose some form of benefits. The refuse have to choose betwine honor and dignity or gain some benefits. Life can be harsh for those that choose the honor and dignity, but feeling good about themselves is the best reward.
It is human nature to seek friendship or intimate contact, but how to hell some will know if another will accept without asking?. Asking is not a sexual harassment.
Those days (mostly less rich females) are accusing a (mostly rich males) of sexual harassment with expectation of being compensated. Why the prostitute expect to be compensated again few years ( some 20+) later. The client already paid for. Those accusers are “basking in fame”, while they should be prosecuted. As far as I know – prostitution is illegal in most states. Honor and dignity slowly disappears for benefits. We are living in a strange world. Is that the “progress” and new way of life – not for me. I believe in honor and dignity.

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