April 21 2019


What does the “being moral” means?. That depend on religion in given region on the Earth. Being moral does not means of being smart or better that other person. As a matter of fact, being moral = being just plain stupid and for that, there is no cure. There is very small number of young “moral” people, but large number do not care about. Someone said that wisdom come with age – I strongly disagree.

Look to me, that people close to the end, attempt to repair their “moral behavior” by condemning behavior of younger generation and, in essence, condemning their own past behavior. How many times, did you saw, disgusting expression on “old broad” face, seeing younger people kissing. From mine personal observation – old females are majority of a people that will show discontent and attempt to “repair” young people behavior accordingly with their believes. Older man are more relaxed that their “opposite sex”, and with more wealth, they are more likely to have a younger partner “on site” – no “moral issue” there. Look like that amount of wealth play a major role with “morality”. The poor one have difficulty to obtain younger “partner” on either side of sex and pretend that they have a “moral values”. Some country’s claim that they are a “beacon of freedom and democracy”, but I call this a bullshit. Residents of those country’s have no more personal freedom that in any other, religion ruled, country. Some country’s claim of having “separation of church and state”, but that is not true. Those country laws are based on “religious value”. The country’s “ruled” by catholic/christian church have different “moral values” that the muslim country’s. Jews screw everybody and each other – no “moral value” there. Buddhists do have “moral code” too. Each of them claim that they are the best. Just because one man have more that one wife, it does not means that he have less “moral value” that the other with one wife. Just because a “old broad” can not have “intimate encounter”, it does not means that some other people can not have that. I bet, that if some man will “sacrifice” them self and “screw” that “old broad”, that female will have different “moral values”. The there is another category – the happy people. They do not care what other are doing as long as the others do not affect them in some way.“Mind your own business” is the best moral value. Unfortunately, there is no happiness around them. Ever wander of why so many people prefer to live in some seclude place?. As long as the “moral value” are dictated by religious laws of a country – no happiness will ever occurs. I am an “old fart” and I do not care much about the rap “music” not because of lyrics or the “performer”, but the amount of noise from “boom boxes”. It really hurt. No issue with “moral value” here. Look around you and look at yourself – do you have a “moral values” or “moral issue”?. If you do – your life is the hell full of hate. You want to be happy – mind your own business and stop judging people from “the other side”. Trust me, you are not better that others and no one is perfect. Well, maybe one – me.
Have a fun.

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