April 21 2019

Scary shit

What drives people to killing another ?. The “doomsday clock” is ticking and some people taking this shit seriously enough to go on killing rampage and then commit suicide or some “unseen force” are behind those killings.

Could it be that we will see more restriction in personal freedom?. Body scanners in theaters,malls and mass transit entrance. I read about a phone that can “see” trough a wall. Posted photo of toy bear with bullet and razor blade inside. That is scary and intrusive. I do not want to see the laugh on people faces as they scan my body and my short “extension of mind” in cold day.. How about a female hearing a comments of her silicon implants scanned by that phone. I like technology progress, but how far are we all willing to go. My as well walking naked. It may come time when sex will be safe only in “Faraday’s cage”. Mesh wire are light weight and flexible enough to wear as a cloth. The movie “2012” scary one gay in China enough to build a pod that will float with his family inside. I do not think, that this guy realize the power of water. Another one build a “Noah Ark” and think that he will be the one to re-populate this planet. Come on people, how stupid can you be in your fear. If a meteor large enough strike this planet, then it will be no place to hide. With current technology, we will have 3-4 days to find “safe” place. Even if we have a month advance warning, where to hell will some hide?. If a meteor will strike, it could create an earthquake and all those “deep cave” or bunkers lovers , could end up in deep center of this planet. No one can predict the point of impact and side affects of the impact on time. Why wait for meteorite, when one stupid bastard can push a button and blown this planet to a pieces. Yes, we do have technology for that too. Meteor, floods , earthquakes, ET, do not scare me, but the religious freaks do. They can destroy this planet in belief that some mystical figure will come and “save” them. If all these religious freaks will line up and jump of a cliff into a ocean, I would not mind. The sharks will have enough food and would not attack a surfers, but in their stupid mind, they want to “save” other people too. I do not want to be “save”. I want to live my “miserable” life and I am happy with what I have. Next few weeks will be dangerous for all of us not from the space or this planet, but from people that have “right” to possess another person property. Killing, robbery will increase (like every year) to “celebrate birth of savior” of human race. Man, those ET`s are laughing their asses of from orbit. They do not want to land on this planet in fear that they will be victimize or glorify as a Gods. I wander of, what would be the most insulting for them – having a stick up their asses or be the reason for another religion. Have a fun all, while you can, and stay safe.

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