April 21 2019


Well, some scientists claim that animals have a soul. I am over 60 and still is unclear to me – what to hell is that “soul”. Human brain can be compare to old computer – no tape or disk back up. Years back, I had Atari 1200XL. I was typing a games from computer magazine, and after 3 day, I play that game. Then, I turn it off and the game was gone.

It was very simple, written in Basic and some assembly. 2 month latter, I was able to get tape back up. Disk drive and hard drives come years latter. Just like the Atari, we do not have a back up. When the memory “dies”, we are gone. Memory is, what make us. We do have a ROM or CMOS like functions that regulate the heart, breath and other basic functions that we are not aware ( most of the time), but we do not have “reset” switch. Once the ROM is off, it will- unlike computer- not restart the body, and even if the basic functions will come back, the memory will be gone and memory is what make us. Without memory we are just a vegetable. The DNA is like a mirror. You can brake it into a pieces, but even the smallest piece will reflect the whole image. Once, the every one cell die out, there is no way to “clone” the subject. If you “clone” a subject from living tissue, the subject still need a memory. “Soul” supposed to be some form of energy living a dead body. Does that energy contain the subject memory?. If not, then it is just a “blank” subject and not aware of existence. If the “soul” will leave a dead body, and if we clone the subject, will the subject had a memory or just a “blank” clone. If the single DNA cell contain all the body information, does the cell contain the memory too?. The single cell contain information to build a body and basic functions, but the memory can not be stored in a single cell. Where is the memory stored?. According to doctors – is in a brain, but I got a feeling that is all over the body. Brain is only a CPU. Just like the Atari, when the “lights go out”, the memory is gone, but unlike the Atari, we will not reboot the system. It would be nice to have a back up for memory and reset switch. Reboot the system, and if any body damage was before, the DNA will rebuild to “factory state”. In a sense, we all are like a computer, but with limitations. The neural network for sensors and basic function is super fast, and the CPU is well advance that any computer we know, but we can not do the “three fingers salute”. No soft nor hard boot. Where the “soul” fits in this picture?. It does not. “Soul” is religious imagination and have nothing to do with a science. To those that believe in “life after death”, “reincarnation” or some other form of bullshit, I got a bad news for you. Just like a cat, dog or any other animal on this plane – when the “lights go out” you are gone. You live only in memory of others. After all, we are just an animals with custom made CPU. Who made that CPU?, beats me. Apparently someone with more knowledge of human body, and if the “someone” need more energy, just suck the “soul” out of a body. Just kidding about the “soul sucking”. Well, I guess that there is only one way to find out – turn out the light and see what happen. If any of those scientists want to do this kind of experiment – be my guest, but I will wait for “my time” and enjoy while I can. If you smart enough, you will do the some. If any of you feel insulted, the comments are open, but remember that I do moderate the comments. Have a fun.

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