April 21 2019

The rich and the poor


“you are poor because you are stupid and you are stupid because you are poor”.
That fraze I heard many times and it does not reflect the truth.
Everyone in this country have a chance to become successful
if one decided to have education.

It starts at young age where child decided to have or not to have education.
Yes, the child decided, not the parents nor the school system.
You can not force someone to be educated and without education
one have no future in today society. If child decided that he(she) do not want to live in poverty, then despise the environment, child can be successful in education. Hard work and determination will get one to have a good pay job or own business. Having own business mean working almost 24hr a day(depend on business type), taking care of own family and employee (if any), dealing with state and federal regulations, dealing with customers, business supply, competition.
The list go on and on. But one have to have education in that field and constantly upgrade the education as technology change.
Joe Blow #1 decided to get education and start own business. After years of hard work he become successful. He have new car, big house and good loving family. Joe Blow #2 decided to have a fun in young age instead of education. Years latter he is working for Joe Blow #1 as manual labor. After few years Joe Blow #1 present opportunity for Joe Blow #2 to start his own business, but Joe Blow #2 do not want the responsibility. Joe Blow #2 work 8 – 10 hr a day. When he get home, he seat on a couch, turn on tv and reach for a beer. The day is not over for Joe Blow #1. He have to look into inventory, make few phone calls, check the internet.
Joe Blow #2 look at Joe Blow #1 and saying “ look at that rich mf, he got a lot of money and I am poor. That is not fair”.

Then there is Joe Blow #3. He do not like any job. He live in HUD and collect welfare checks.
Joe Blow #3 look at Joe Blow #1 and say “that rich mf have everything and I have nothing. That is not fair”.
Most likely Joe Blow #3 will go out and attempt to deprive
Joe Blow #1 of his fortune, or deal with drugs. In best case scenario, Joe Blow #3 end up in jail, but most likely Joe Blow #3 end up in cementary.
Joe Blow #1 and Joe Blow #2 will have to cover the cost of funeral of Joe Blow #3.
All three had equal chance in education, but they went their own way.

Then there is story of Farmer Joe.
Farmer Joe have a small farm. He like to go out to a bar and have a fun. Knowing that he can not afford to have large family, Farmer Joe “produce” 5 to 10 children’s any way. The burden of rising those child’s fall upon tax paying persons as Joe Blow #1 and Joe Blow #2.
Some of children of Farmer Joe will succeed in life, but most of them will become just like Joe Blow #3 and end up like Joe Blow #3.

Joe Blow #2, #3 and Farmer Joe will blame the parents, educational system for their failure in life and do not look at their own “screw-up”.
Parents can not or have no desire to control their own children’s.
Schools have no desire to control children’s.
It is up to child to decide of success or failure in life.

In summary, I do not believe that rich people own anything nor they are   obligated to support #2, #3 and Farmer Joe.
I will not ask nor demand from rich people to support me in any form because that will not be fair.

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