June 30 2019


I can never understand those “astronomers” looking at stars trough a telescope. You have two eyes for a reason – use it, as you will never learn about a stars. I am not “astronomer” and do not care about a galaxies, but I like to look up and dream about visit those stars.

If you do not know what this image is, check out the “sacret geometry” web site. I become searching when, by accident, I saw this as a star, Just got 10X50 binoculars and wanted to try at night. I pointed at a bright star and focus on it. Then I get out of focus and saw this image. Was that a eye trick or that was the true image of that star. That image “burn” into my brain and started looking for on internet. I found it as the “flower of life” known to a people for thousands of years. This experience make me question those “astronomers”. They spend years in school and years looking trough telescope, but they will never see the true Space trough single eye. Looking for danger from the stars is OK to look trough telescope, but to learn about a stars need both eyes.