April 21 2019


Well, some scientists claim that animals have a soul. I am over 60 and still is unclear to me – what to hell is that “soul”. Human brain can be compare to old computer – no tape or disk back up. Years back, I had Atari 1200XL. I was typing a games from computer magazine, and after 3 day, I play that game. Then, I turn it off and the game was gone. Continue reading

April 21 2019


What does the “being moral” means?. That depend on religion in given region on the Earth. Being moral does not means of being smart or better that other person. As a matter of fact, being moral = being just plain stupid and for that, there is no cure. There is very small number of young “moral” people, but large number do not care about. Someone said that wisdom come with age – I strongly disagree. Continue reading

April 21 2019

The Japanese time bomb


It started about 1998. I was working as car mechanic in small shop. Two people operation, but plenty of work.
While working full time, I was taking night classes of Industrial Electronic at FCCJ. Jacksonville, Florida downtown campus.
One day, the owner asked me to check the electronic dashboard displays in 1985 Buick Regal. All gauges were displaying false information. I took the display unit out of dashboard and begin testing the unit. After applying power to unit, to my surprise, I found voltage at places where should not be any. The board was covered with a glue to hold down large components due to car vibration. Because the glue was on the back too, I assumed that the glue was there to seal copper trace from any moisture. Continue reading

April 21 2019

Ten Commandments


“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

While many reverends/preachers claim that this statement is sign of a God jealousy, they have no idea of what they are talking about. The writer of the 10 Commandments was idealistic fool. The 1st Commandment means that there should be only one God as more that one can lead to hate and wars.

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