June 30 2019

Ion propulsion

Ion propulsion

I watch few those youtube videos of ion propulsion and make me cry.

Does someone want to distract people from real ion propulsion?.

Those triangle do not provide any useful force.

How long the ion wind is in use? – I have no idea, but it is for a long time.

Some people claim that they invented the ion propulsion in 2000, but this is false claim. In 1968, I come across a book for young electronics. Normally, it is at least 20 years ( from invention and working model) to be published for public use – National Security comes to mind. The author(s) of that book build and tested each experiment. Two of them strike me to the point that I want to experiment on those. One of them was ion propulsion and another was electromagnetic propulsion for a boat, but work only in salt water. Wire on the inside and outside of a boat. DC voltage. I use 4.5Vbattery. Fill the bathtub with a water and add a lot of salt. It worked fine. The principle was that electrons jump across the hull and create propulsion. Mine was a wooden boat. Imagine submarine with no moving parts going trough a water.

The experiment I did in 1968 on ion wind was very simple and works fine.

I had lift to the length of my power wires.

The “contraption” consist of 2 square mesh wire, sawing needles and wooden sticks. For power I use flyback from old b/w tv ( no color those days). It was 10,000V and did had a “kick”. Needles need to be on each corner of mesh wires ( chicken wires).

It was difficult to solder as the needles were stainless steel, but can be done.

Old press iron could be use as fine welding, but be careful – it can be lethal. Position the mesh wire on 4 wooden stick. One of the mesh need to be adjustable. When you apply power, you should see a spark. Adjust to the point (slide up or down) when you can not see the spark. Congratulation – you have an UFO.

You can make of any shape, and if you feel adventured make of a circle.

This will be more difficult, but can be done. Nothing is impossible – where is will – there is a way. Did I mention “difficult”?. The size of the circles need to be experimented. Large circle with needles attach to in 30-35 angle.

Inside circle with needles at 30-35 angle pointing toward the outside needles. This part can be frustrated as the distance to the outer needles need to be adjust so you can not see the spark, but not too far. If you can see a tiny sparks – that is OK. 30,000V or more DC. I said that will be more difficult. Each 2 needles ( inner and outer) need to be of Pyramid shape.

The ion wind from each 2 needles will go toward center at angle of the needles. Enclosure in plastic or wooden funnel to direct the ion wind.

If you want the ion turbine – position the needles that will face each other, but at angle. The outer angle face left and the inner face right. This “contraption” will force the inner ( or outer) circle to spin. Add a turbine to the spinning circle. This setup is very experimental and require open mind and patience. Good luck.