July 30 2019

Why I am not flying out

I am looking at planet Earth spinning in space. Good CGI, but that all what it is – a CGI. Why???.

There is something wrong with this picture. Any spinning object have a centrifugal force. Less in center and the most on edges.

Look at this picture – what is wrong with it?.

The speed is on the edges of this planet, but how fast the Earth spin where you are standing?. You will need to know your location L/L, and how far are you from the edge. If the planet is 40,000 miles in diameter and you are at 20,000 miles ( at equator) you should feel like in a rocket car. Do you feel the speed – I do not. Newton  saw a falling apple and assume that some king of gravitation force made that apple fall. Should not- the centrifugal force – trow that apple into the air and out of this planet?.

No one ever saw what it is inside this planet, but the “scientists” assume that is solid core in form of a metal ball surrounded by molten metal (lava). Let me state strongly – Assumption it is mother of all fuck up. That in effect produce strong magnetic field and keep everything from flying into space ( assumption again). That shit really make me laugh. Magnetic field could affect an metallic object, so why the – empty water bottle – fall to the ground?. How they can talk about something that they never saw, can not touch nor measure.

The “scientists” talking about magnetic field, but in reality, they have not idea of what is that “magnetic field”.

They throw at you some laws and mathematical formulas that do not make any sense. To create a magnet, some need to charge a piece of metal. That piece of metal become energy storage device. What they (scientists) called “magnetic field” is nothing more that exchange positive and negative neutrons from this “battery”.

The question still remains – why are we not “flying” out of this planet?. The answer would be in air density. If you seat on the top of spinning fan and you will be able to “fly”, is not because the fan create “push force”, the fan created a vacuum that is pulling you. The faster the fan spin, more vacuum is created and faster you will “fly”.

Explosion consume oxygen and leave behind “hole”.

If you consume oxygen, the air have less density.

The air density is what keep everything on surface and the oxygen is the main “ingredient”. Why the apple fall of the tree?. Is not because of weight. Leaves fall of the tree too and weight less. The apple is not pull down by some imaginary force, is the weigh and surface that overcome the air density. Every magnet have a center, so in Equator we all should be able to fly, as the magnetic force should not exist. I invite all the “scientists” to prove me wrong and jump out of a plane without parachute. The gravitation force” is measure by 1Kg/1m/1s, but did they ever try to drop a object from 8miles high and measure the speed?. NO. They assume that they are right and that is the problem with “mainstream science”. Their wrong assumption is pass into students, and feeding them wrong information. Look at the rocket launch – the most fuel is use at take off, but – as rocket goes higher where the air density is less – the rocket do not have to burn that much fuel, just enough to sustain the speed – they called “kinetic force”.

With proper density, you can walk on almost anything – land, water and air. Still remain the question – why we are not “flying” into space. How air density affect humans and animals, and “man made” structures. All “man made” structures are attach to the surface, but not vehicles. So, why the vehicles do not “take off”?. Does the centrifugal force have something to do with, and how much is the centrifugal force at surface level?. No one know as no one bother to measure as all the “scientists” believe in Einstein law – gravity. Why climbers of K2 do not fly out – they are closer to edge where the centrifugal force is greater and lower air density?. Something wrong with this picture or is not?. So many questions that -maybe- we should not seek the answer or we are not allowed to know. As Earth “spin” around axis, it does circle the Sun – as we was told. Could be the centrifugal force – spinning around the Sun – counter the Earth centrifugal force?. The Sun is way too far for that, then the only one answer is – there is no centrifugal force or something counteract the force, but what?. We know that similar polarization repeal and opposite attract. Positive will repeal positive, but attract negative. I am not taking about a magnets, but electricity. What will happen if the water will have 2 hydrogen atoms and only one oxygen in positive charge air – the water will be attract to air, but the water have 2 oxygen and 1 hydrogen, so – in positive charge air – will be repeal. Could be the answer of why we do not “fly” out?.

All living form have a water. The larger size of the body – more water and more positive charge. The oxygen have positive charge and is the main “ingredient” of air around. All living creatures are repeal of air and “push” against the surface – there is your gravity.

If you surround your self with negative charge, you will be repeal and “fly” out – it depend of amount and density of that charge.

But, the vehicles – they do not have a water, why they are not flying – they not positive charge. Is the centrifugal force keep them against the surface, or some other force. The body is negative charge – more mystery or maybe not. The metal in vehicles is positively charge. In Nature – everything is balanced. If there is too many negative charge and become contact with air, then the charge will balance. Years back, (up to 1970) the common connection on a car body was positive, later on, the “scientists”, decided that the metal oxidation is too slow and change to negative common. That speed up the metal oxidation (rust), so you will have to buy new car every few years. Well, how about plastic or fiberglass. Those materials are not natural and non-conductive. They do not oxidize as there is tiny electrons exchange. It will take few hundreds or maybe thousands years for those elements to oxidize.

So, why the -non-natural elements – do not “fly”?.

What would happen, if climber of Mount Everest, drop empty plastic bottle. Due to low air density and centrifugal force, the bottle should fly out into space, but the bottle fall down. Why?. The air density is not exactly low, it is low in oxygen, but actually is higher density due to centrifugal force. Does that make sense?. If the air pressure is 14lbs/inch at sea level, then – at one foot should be 168lbs. That is something wrong. Give the height of that mountain is 29,00 feet, the pressure should be 4,872,000lbs. Do you know of any one that will “take” that much pressure?. That assume if the pressure constantly increase. But, what if the air density decrease, then the pressure should be less. How much, I have no idea as no one bother to measure. At sea level the amount of oxygen is about 21%, but at 29,000 is 7%. While air density still holding you down, you can not breath as the oxygen level is too low. At 12,000 feet, you will start to have problems (13%). Where that oxygen goes – not up.

Give the density of oxygen and centrifugal force, there should be more oxygen in higher altitude that at sea level.

What to hell is going on?. I am scratching my head so much, that I am going bold.

Maybe there is no centrifugal force. How can that be – all spinning objects have it. Could it be, that Earth do not spin on axis?. Ever seen a gyroscope?. Neat little gadget that spin not only on axis, but all direction.

A ball can not form if spin only in axis, it will form a cone shape at opposite ends, but if will spin in all direction with even speed, then will form a ball.

Is it possible, that Earth spins like gyroscope?.

That would explain a lot of mystery’s. The “scientists” claim the Earth wobble on axis, but gyroscope never wobble. Satellites can not see this planet as it spin, but astronauts claim that Earth spin only on axis.

If spin only on axis, then is not a ball – logic.

If is a ball, then spin in all directions – logic.

So, what is it?. Getting into more questions.

Lets assume that someone form a ball and put this ball in orbit with Sun with proper distance to sustain this form of life. I am not religious, so aliens ( not from the South) could build this planet. This planet will sustain a ball form if will be all solid, but there is a lot of liquid here.

The East-West spin only do not make any sense. We will have to have North-South spin to sustain as ball and the NS speed will have to much the EW spin, but there is no NS spin – or is it?. If you look at the picture on first page, you will see the equator spin at 1000m/hr, but at the North pole 0m/hr. That can not be if this planet is a ball, and (even if would be flat) , the center would spin too, but much slower ( like a record player). You can not have 0 speed at any rotating object – any rotating object have a motion, even in center.

What is creating the motion.

Let go back to that “molten lava” assumption. Due to spin, pressure is building inside and the lave flow out in form of volcano. The heat is molting the rocks and create a lava – right?. Actually, if you heat a rock, you will get water, but let assume that is lava. The amount of lava that flow out have to be replaced to maintain balance and the surface should be collapsing. Have you seen any 20,000 miles deep sinkholes lately?. With rate the lava flow out and the amount of time this planet exist, we should be all living in lava. Can you feel the heat?. Actually, I do, but is from the Sun. The other option is, that this planet have empty space in center created by the lava. As the lava flow out, the space being replaced by air – so this planet is a “hot air balloon” inside. Be careful with a needles -no more drilling. On “the other hand” – if the lava being replaced by water, we are living on top of huge boiler.

Hot air balloon again.

All this speculation and still, I have no idea of why I am not flying out.

So, what I found out so far -actually, more confusion.

No – some imaginary- “magnetic field” is electric.

Einstein theory is just a theory – speculation, assumption.

No gravity -air pressure and electrons exchange.

If this planet is a ball, then is spinning EW and NS. The speed is even in every location.

If this planet is a disc, then the speed will be greater at the edge and slower at center, but never zero.

The fact, that we all are not flying out would indicate

equal air pressure in a ball, but in a disk, the air pressure would be great at the edge, but low at center.

Magma flow around a metal ball do not create “magnetic field”. Even if magma would be metallic, rubbing metal to metal would create some electrons exchange until will balance. The effect of electrons exchange will diminish with distance. The flowing out lava will have to be replaced with air or water, or the surface will collapse.

If this planet exists for millions of years ( some claim -billions) then this planet speed should be affected by meteors hitting the surface – speed up or slow down.

During those millions (billions) of years, melting inside of this planet and ejecting the molted element to the surface, the planet surface should be replaced by air or water. As the molted element flow out, create a mountains or islands. Then again, this process can be very slow.

The “story” about center of this planet is just a story, as no one have been there, nor see it. Inside the center of a ball, there would be minimal rotation compare to outside surface, but will never be zero.

What create the rotation. Do we have some kind of engine inside the planet that create the rotations – free energy.

Nothing is for free – even infection from prostitute is not free – you have to pay for.

If is “cold fusion” or nuclear fusion, both need a fuel.

If the “fuel” is the dirt that we are standing on, then we all should have a lot of “free” energy.

Water is good as fuel and oxygen, hydrogen and some other gasses. Plenty of “fuel”, but all this is on surface.

Easy – heat molt the rock, rock turn into water and water into fuel. But we need a lot of amps to split the water into H and O. So, who start “the fire”.

Religious people will blame on God, but I am looking for some, more “touching” answer.

When mater and ant-mater collide then it is “big bang” – that is assumption of the “scientists”, but how the mater and anti-mater come to be?. Magic – something from nothing.

Let assume, that the “big bang” occur and the “fire” inside the Earth come to be. It is not that much hot as you can not feel it on surface and the deep water is freezing – not boiling. If the Earth diameter is 25,000 mile at equator

then take half of it and you should have distance from surface to the center. The deepest place in ocean is 12 miles, that will leave (around) 12,000 miles from that point to the center. That is not much in prospective to distance to Sun is 92,955,807 miles and you can boil an eggs on a hood of a car. That 12,000 of crust ( assuming that is all crust) stopping all the heat. The “fire” in the center is not a flashlight- it is small candle light. I said “assuming that is all crust” as the planet is not completely round ( according to NASA). It is bulging at equator and flattening at poles.

If you fill a balloon with a liquid and spin, the top and the bottom will flatten and expand at the center, so this planet have more liquid that solid, and the solid is floating in the liquid. That would means that, under the surface is liquid all the way to center. Again, the fire in the center has to be low or the liquid will vaporize, so where the lava come from. Some said that take 1200F and some said that take 2400F -they can not make up their minds, but even with 2400F, that is really not that much. No wonder that the heat stay inside, but should be hot enough to vaporize any liquid. Hot air balloon again. Confusion, confusion and more confusion – what force keeping all “at bay”.

Are the ancient believes of life in center of this planet right?. The deepest cave is 7200 feet ( I like to round the numbers) – still way to go to the center.

OK, lets assume that there is life inside this planet. They have a Sun, and that Sun create the heat that melt the rocks above and push out. It has to be a lot of pressure inside to push the lava out. What kind of life form can withstand that pressure. To mine understanding – pressure goes in all directions.

Still do not know – why I am not flying out.

Scientists” claim that this planet have some kind of protective shield. It supposed to start at the NS poles and expand around. How this shield is created – the “magnetic field” is BS. The claim, that this planet can create the shield on it own, is plain stupid as there is not enough energy to create the shield. Our “creators”?.

Who, to hell, are those creators?. Could it the the legendary Anunnaki?. If they created humans, then would be logical to protect their creation – shield. That would means, that the shield, is only few thousands years old and this planet was unprotected since creation ( development).

But, as all energy source, this energy source have a “life span”. Are they coming back to recharge the energy source ( that we still do not know) or the energy source is in Agartha, and they maintain the shield. If the inner city exists, then would be logical to protect this planet. I do not think that they care about the life on surface, but they do care about their own asses. Anunnaki, Agartha – all legendary, but how someone said “ in all legends there is part of true”. So, is that shield the reason of why I am not flying out?. Could it be, that this planet, is one huge “battery” – the power source for that shield. As all battery’s need to recharge, could it be that Sun is recharging this planet?. Does the “solar flare” are the “charger”. While heat affect the surface, the neutrino does penetrate the crust. More questions – I am getting

more confuse. The lack of knowledge is astounding.

For hundreds of years, the religion was responsible for lack of scientific knowledge – and in a sense, still is, but now, the “scientists” are responsible, as they do not want to admit of their own stupidity and blindly fallow old “laws”.

They are so infatuated with keeping their own “reputation”, that is going to look stupid.

Unfortunately, those “scientists” are doing the church job, by falsifying claims to satisfy the “scientific community” a bunch of assholes that leaching money from real scientists.

There are some people that are trying to go “outside the box”, but if they try to publish their founding, they are being ridicule and laugh at by the “scientific community” assholes. At the era of fast speed internet, there is need for alternative scientific place with no restrictions and no “patents”. If you found something, that can benefit humanity, do not try to patent as your “life span” could be shorten by a assholes. Publish to as many, as you can, web sites. They can not control all information.

I still do not know – why I am not “flying out”.

Janusz E. Starkel